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Top 5 False Ceiling Contractors in Chennai

False Ceiling Contractors in Chennai

Best Top 5 False Ceiling Contractors in Chennai in Chennai

False Ceiling Contractors in Chennai

False Ceiling Contractors

There are several false ceiling contractors in Chennai which were established to be actively engaged in the provision of a comprehensive range of residential and office false ceiling. The manufacturer, supplier, and service provider in the industry, supply items in the market such as Gypsum Board, Pop Grid Ceiling. The complete variety of products that these companies provide are custom produced to meet the specific requirements of the customers and is widely utilised for both household and commercial reasons. These are renowned for a variety of distinguishing traits, which include their long-lasting nature, attractive design, and superior polish. Services are also offered in a variety of configurations, and they are well praised and regarded for their affordability, promptness, and efficacy.

Top 5 False Ceiling Contractors In Chennai

Features Of False Ceiling

The days when ceilings built of unobtrusive concrete and wood were considered a source of delight are long gone. False ceilings have emerged as a major emblem of modernity and refinement, and they have the ability to completely change a room. In addition to enhancing the appearance of a space by producing novel design alternatives, these false ceilings are dedicated to performing a variety of additional purposes as required. All home décor enthusiasts are continuously on the lookout for new and exciting methods to enhance and beautify their homes in a visually appealing manner. Gypsum boards may be used to significantly alter the overall appearance of your ceiling, which is a key step toward achieving this goal.

Modern interior designers in chennai has been transformed by the use of plaster of Paris, a fantastic construction material that has transformed the face of modern interiors. When you get the extremely adaptable substance, it is delivered as a dry powder that must be mixed with water before use. Plaster of Paris is a false ceiling material that is widely used in many types of architecture. In today's fast-paced technological environment, the unique idea of metal false ceilings is progressively being adopted by all forward-thinking designers and contractors. False ceilings may completely modify the look and feel of your rooms, infusing them with a radically contemporary and sophisticated atmosphere. They add to the overall appearance of the room and give it a distinctive atmosphere of their own.

False Ceiling Designs

In Chennai, the false ceiling contractors in the market provide services such as wall panelling & Design which has emerged as a prominent and fundamental component of modern architecture and design. Today, a wide range of these panels are accessible, each of which may be customised to produce designs that are one-of-a-kind and quirky in their design. Modern wall panels are constructed from a variety of composite and synthetic materials, including MDF, polyurethane, and melamine, among others. Wall panels printed with 3D designs and other interesting textures can also be found on the market, which enhance the aesthetic appeal of the walls by adding a great deal of visual interest. Decorative Gypsum Board Partitions are often seen in a variety of business and residential settings. These partitions have a wide range of applications in contemporary architecture and design. These partitions, which are also known as drywalls, are constructed by effectively pushing gypsum plaster between two thick sheets of paper.

False Ceiling Chennai

A false ceiling is ideal for low-ceilinged spaces. Pre-assembled panels connect to the top margins of existing structural beams. The panels are then framed with boards and battens to create a realistic effect. To preserve wall surfaces, fill the gaps between the boards with insulation, drywall, or thin plasterboard sheets. False ceiling contractors in Chennai normally work on two-square-foot projects at a time.
Chennai has had false ceiling contractors since the late 1960s. Many of the owners are elderly and recall making artificial ceilings in the past. The material is pricey and requires a lot of expertise. Some fake ceiling contractors in Chennai specialise in patterns to offer rooms a unique appeal. As an accent element rather than a construction hindrance, these ceilings are common. A false ceiling is a vital component of any building's ceiling. The False Ceiling Price in Chennai varies based on the materials utilised.

As a result, many developers now include false ceilings as standard in new home buildings. If you are a first-time homeowner, you probably won't need to buy a faux ceiling design. If you are remodelling an older home, constructing a high-end home, or just want a more sophisticated false ceiling design than your builder offers, you will almost probably need to replace the existing ceiling.
When determining the cost of false ceilings, consider:
1. The artificial ceiling's design and construction materials.
2. The quality of the material used and the cost of the ceiling material.
3. The total area to be covered (bigger areas generally cost less per square foot since materials may be purchased in bulk)

False Ceiling Chennai

We all know that your ceiling must be a specific height. Your room's floor should be lower, and your furniture should fit comfortably. It's easier to design when you know your room's size and how high it needs to go. However, the sort of light required for your room will depend on the type of ceiling you have. There are several possibilities depending on the location of the electrical system and the finest fixtures for that region. You can tell what sort of room you have by looking at the layout and imagining it lit. Consider hiring a fake ceiling contractor in Chennai if you prefer to DIY. False ceilings are simpler to install than a room itself. After the task is over, you have additional room for furniture and other decorations in the pre-built area. If you employ these contractors, make sure they know what is expected of them when picking their local training.

If you need a new false ceiling contractor in Chennai , search for someone with experience. You don't want an incomplete or incorrect job. Hiring a professional who knows their stuff will save you money in the long run and make your space appear prettier. Seeking a competent false ceiling contractor in your area? Ask these questions to choose the best contractor. Do you have a licence? Ask your prospective contractor whether they have a licence. Check whether they have one and if it is valid. In certain circumstances, a qualified inspector must check fake ceilings before you sign off on their billing.

Do you have any? This will offer you piece of mind knowing that someone has built rooms without ceilings for years. A false ceiling for a room of 16 ft by 20 ft (about 220 sq. ft.) costs Rs. 2500. A false ceiling is made up of square or rectangular panels. To improve aesthetics and energy savings, you will need to put lighting fixtures on top of them and paint the ceiling white with a flat finish. False ceiling tiles are used to build false ceilings to save money, enhance acoustics, and prevent dust, heat, and sound transmission. absorbed by their structure.

Chennai False Ceiling Company

To investigate the false ceiling business in depth, one must first comprehend its current state. Based on our thorough study and best practises in the sector of false ceiling manufacturers, we at Chennai Renovation have created a comprehensive set of ground rules and a code of conduct for these experts. Renovators and builders alike employ false ceilings among other construction materials. Thus, extensive expertise of the False Ceiling Industry is required.

Investors In False Ceilings

Artificial ceiling contractors in Chennai create invisible false ceilings or acoustic tiling. With the correct instruments, they may make the sight and ear believe there is nothing to see or hear in the new place. A fale ceiling may be installed in two ways. The first approach uses a brush and roller on site. This is the most traditional way. In the second method, a computerised machine makes the patterns needed for an aesthetically beautiful and acoustically tiled artificial ceiling.
In terms of equipment, the false ceiling installation must always wear a face shield to safeguard his eyes. He also needs eyelets to peek through while on his ladder installing ceiling tiles. People should be cautious near someone working on a false ceiling since they may easily crash into him (and be harmed!).
Tired of your home's outdated ceiling? Get a thermocol artificial ceiling and give your house a fresh look.
Step 1: To make your living or dining area more inviting, go for a dark wooden design. With a thermocol artificial ceiling, it's simple.
Step 2: For your bedroom, you may choose any colour to complement your decor, although we prefer white or black. White will brighten up a gloomy room whereas black will make it seem lighter. Check out our colour options in our catalogue!
Step 3: If you don't care about colours and want a unique ceiling, go for thermocol panels. Your house may be designed using any material available.
Step 4: n joints is the ideal option.
The hardest part about false ceiling installation is finding reliable and professional false ceiling contractors who will work with your budget, schedule and needs. This process can be made a lot easier if you know where to start looking. At first glance, choosing the appropriate false ceiling contractors may seem like an easy task. This can be the most important decision that you will need to make when it comes to your false ceiling. This is primarily because every company has their quirks and every industry has its own jargon.

False Ceiling Designs In Chennai

1. Chennai Renovation

Chennai is one of the most sought-after cities for property buyers and investors in India. There are a vast number of Chennai renovation projects going on as the city becomes an increasingly expensive place to live. Chennai renovation is a booming company today, with so many people out there in search of our contractors for their project.
Chennai renovations are a booming business, thanks largely to an ever-growing population and the fact that these projects will often be completed within a week. Due to the short period of time most Chennai home renovation projects are completed in, by Chennai Renovation
Address: No.16, Narivanam salai, mangadu, Chennai 600122
Phone number: +91 9600 009 006
Email Id:,
Popular Services Offered:
1. Interior Design
2. House Renovation
3. Interior Decoration
4. Modular Kitchen Interior
5. False Ceiling
6. Carpenter Service

2. Sureshdecorators

Sureshdecorators is a leading supplier of false ceiling systems in the Chennai. They are a family business specialising in the installation and repair of false ceilings. Their prices are affordable and their work is reliable. But most importantly, their team will help you find the perfect solution and get it done on time!
Address: No:4/12,Sabapathi Street,Aminjikarai,Chennai – 600 029.
Phone number: +91 98402 21238
Email Id:
Popular Services Offered:
Gypsum Board
POP & GRID Ceiling
Partition Work
Carpenter and Furniture
False Ceiling

3. Goodwayinterior

If you're looking for experts on false ceiling fixations, then Goodwayinterior can save you time and money! They install high-grade false ceilings across Chennai with expert skills and knowledge of all areas related to false ceilings. Their prices are affordable too!
Address: 1/646,Venkatesan street,Ramu street,Jalladianpet,Medavakkam,Chennai-600100
Phone number: 082486 72821
Email Id: NA
Popular Services Offered:
Gypsum False Ceiling
Grid False Ceiling
Gypsum Partition

4. Ritadecorators

The Ceiling Company's team of specialist false ceiling fitters offers design consultation and expert installation. Their team is fully qualified and all works are guaranteed. Most importantly, their prices are very affordable!
Address: No:9,Maduraiveeran street,Kalaivanar Nagar,Padi,Chennai – 600050.
Phone number: 9841413121
Email Id:
Popular Services Offered:
False Ceiling
POP False Ceiling
Grid False Ceiling
Wooden False Ceiling
Gypsum False Ceiling
Painting Work

5. Srimangalaminteriors

This is a business who have been installing false ceilings for over many years. They offer false ceiling systems for houses, offices and workshops, as well as factory and warehouse installations. Their prices are affordable too!
Address: No.288,Mariamman Koil St,Dhanam Nagar,Kumudam Nagar,Mugalivakkam,Chennai-600125
Phone number: 9042231349
Email Id:
Popular Services Offered:
Interior Design
Furniture Work
Painting Work
False ceiling

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